A Picnic made from Trees????????????

A Picnic made from Trees????????????

Spring! Powered by the every warmer rays of the sun the landscape’s finally awakening. Insects buzz around, birdsongs change from rapid-fire bursts of information to long, pleasurably sung ballads while sudden rustles amongst fallen leaves, indicating the return of the lizards from their winter hibernation. Also the buds on trees bulge ever-so-slightly more every day until one day they burst open, releasing their magnificent leaves and flowers. This is the perfect time to go for a picnic. But rather than preparing all sorts of classic picnic dishes at home, I decided on using as much as possible from the trees. See the result in the video and learn how to make and forage pine wood tea, a spring tree leave salad, pasta with fresh larch needle pesto and a larch wood smoked chocolate pudding with spruce flowers:

Discover more about the wild tastes of wood and trees in my book Der Geschmack von Holz.

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